In 2020, it will be 75 years since the end of the Second world war. Victory day in Russia over the past few years is considered the most significant historical event, around which many commemorative practices are built. Victory in the war is used as a tool for uniting the nation and legitimizing the current government. The state’s contribution to historical policy is growing every year. Parades are held all on a large scale, a growing number of movies and TV shows about the war, expanding the scale Patriotic movements, and, finally, proposed amendment to the Constitution is necessary to honor the memory of Fatherland defenders and to defend historical truth. However, it is increasingly possible to observe that the real events of the war — bloody battles, tens of millions of dead people and thousands of destroyed settlements-are forgotten, and instead only constructed historical memory remains. Naked patriotism, the myth of a victorious nation and “we can repeat” — this is what takes root in the mass consciousness. The memory of the war and events dedicated to it are increasingly becoming a game and a farce.